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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 08/19/2023

Immediate Edge Privacy Assurance

At Immediate Edge, your digital privacy is our utmost priority.

Our Privacy Framework offers insights into how we manage, gather, maintain, and deploy the data you entrust with our website (henceforth denoted as the “Website”).

Our dedication to you encompasses these core tenets:

Clarity in Managing Your Personal Data:

We’re devoted to providing you with comprehensive details, ensuring you make well-informed choices about your data processing. Our commitment is to offer relevant information about your data management efficiently.

If circumstances arise where specific details must be relayed to you, trust that we’ll communicate at the most opportune moment. Direct any questions or require further explanations to

Utilizing Your Personal Data as Stipulated in this Framework:

Your data serves diverse purposes, such as facilitating your interaction with our Website, enhancing your experience, refining our offerings, upholding our legal rights, driving our operational and administrative tasks, abiding by legal mandates, and discerning your preferences.

Upholding Your Rights Concerning Your Personal Data:

Our goal is to enable you to assert your data subject rights confidently. Whether you wish to review, modify, delete, restrain its application, or transfer it, we promise to act within legal bounds.

Ensuring Your Data’s Security:

While absolute digital security is elusive, we commit to deploying robust tools and protocols to protect your data.

Detailed Privacy Framework

Framework’s Scope:

This Framework elucidates the nature of personal data we gather, its collection mode, its utility, protection, processing, and more.

“Personal Data” encompasses information associated with an identifiable entity. An identifiable individual is one who can be recognized either directly or through amalgamated information in our access.

“Processing” here encompasses activities related to personal data, from its collection to erasure.

Our offerings are exclusively for individuals above 18. We don’t intentionally gather information from or grant service access to underage individuals. Should we identify such data, corrective measures will ensue promptly.

Data Collection Instances:

Your data comes to us when you engage with our Website, utilize our services, or correspond with us. This data may be proactively provided by you or derived from your interactions with our offerings.

Implications of Withholding Personal Data:

Although sharing your data remains your discretion, reluctance might impede our service provision, limit Website usage, or affect its functionalities.

Types of Personal Data Accumulated:

Our Website accrues data during your visits, such as online logs, traffic details, device specifics, and more. Note: Not all gathered information necessarily counts as Personal Data.

We also archive data you willingly share or specifically earmark for third-party submissions.

Rationale & Legal Bases for Processing:

Immediate Edge utilizes your data for specific objectives, strictly adhering to the legal foundations.

Legal bases might include your explicit consent, our legitimate interests or those of a third party, or legal mandates. For clarity on these bases, contact

| # | Purpose | Legal Ground

| 1 | Sharing your details with third parties upon your instruction | Your explicit consent

| 2 | Addressing your queries, concerns, or feedback | Legitimate interests pursued by Immediate Edge or a third party

| 3 | Adhering to legal directives or official mandates | Legal obligation

| 4 | Enhancing our Website and Services | Legitimate interests pursued by Immediate Edge or a third party

| 5 | Thwarting malicious activities or misuse of our Services | Legitimate interests pursued by Immediate Edge or a third party

| 6 | Driving and upholding diverse activities integral to our Services | Legitimate interests pursued by Immediate Edge or a third party

| 7 | Conducting in-depth analysis, including statistical assessments | Legitimate interests pursued by Immediate Edge or a third party

| 8 | Protecting the interests, assets, and rights of Immediate Edge and affiliated parties | Legitimate interests pursued by Immediate Edge or a third party

Personal Data Disclosure:

Immediate Edge might share your data with third-party solution providers, such as data storage entities, analytics experts, and technical service providers.

On your behest, we might also share specific data with third-party cryptocurrency trading platforms, where your data will be managed as per their policies.

Additionally, data might be shared across our partner network to enrich our offerings. Regulatory bodies, potential business allies, or during significant organizational transitions might also access your data under appropriate circumstances.

  1. Usage of Cookies and Partnerships with Third-Parties

When you interact with the Immediate Edge platform, we might collaborate with third-party services, which could be advertising firms or data analytics agencies. They, like us, may use cookies or similar technologies. Any actions they undertake are based on their individual guidelines.

Cookies, which are small text snippets, get downloaded onto your device during your engagement with Immediate Edge. They help us understand your behavior, enhance your experience, remember your choices, present tailored options, and accumulate data for analysis.

The cookies we utilize can be categorized as:

Temporary Session Cookies: These last only until you shut down your browser.

Persistent Cookies: These remain post your browsing session, helping Immediate Edge identify you during subsequent visits.

Our cookies include:

| Type of Cookie | Function

| Essential Cookies | Vital for browsing and features

| User Preference Cookies | Recall preferences and choices

| Analytical Cookies | Aggregate data and boost performance

If desired, you can alter your browser’s settings to restrict or eliminate cookies, though this might affect your experience with Immediate Edge. As of now, Immediate Edge doesn’t recognize Do-Not-Track requests.

  1. Storing Your Personal Details

Immediate Edge keeps your personal information only as long as it’s essential for the purposes described in this guideline, or as mandated by applicable rules and regulations.

We are proactive in reviewing and determining if any data can be disposed of, ensuring no unnecessary retention.

  1. Sharing Personal Details Internationally

There are scenarios where your information might be shared outside your country to global organizations. In such cases, Immediate Edge ensures robust protective measures, maintaining your data’s integrity and guaranteeing enforceable rights and legal avenues for recourse.

For European Economic Area (EEA) citizens, specific criteria must be met for these international transfers. For comprehensive details on the protective measures we undertake, reach out to us at:

  1. Securing Your Personal Details

At Immediate Edge, we adopt advanced technical and organizational approaches to offer a high-security level for your details, factoring in the inherent risks of data handling.

There might be times when we have to provide your details to legal or authoritative bodies; these instances are beyond our influence. Kindly note that any online data transfer is subject to potential risks, and as such, Immediate Edge can’t assure absolute protection for data transmitted online.

  1. Links to External Platforms

Immediate Edge might have hyperlinks directing to third-party platforms or apps. We don’t manage these external entities and, therefore, can’t oversee or guarantee their data handling procedures. We advise checking their privacy policies before sharing any personal details.

  1. Updates to This Guideline

Immediate Edge might periodically refine this guideline. For significant changes, we will not only update the document on our platform but also notify you through suitable communication channels.

  1. Rights Pertaining to Your Personal Details

You are entitled to inquire, review, amend, and even request the removal of your data with us. If you’re an EEA resident, there are additional rights available. To exercise these rights or for further clarifications, please contact: